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Our academic programs and certifications are created based on the best practices used across industries. Every knowledge area is mapped to certain skills and your qualifications prove your proficiency level in such skills. Earn the most coveted global competence badge by verifying your skills and knowledge.

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Grow your knowledge, skills and distinguish yourself from your peers with aqonta certifications and competency badges. Aqonta certifications are globally recognized and highly sought after by potential employers.

The certification courses and the competency framework draws tested methodology from several successful projects globally and implementing good practices across different industries. Aqonta certifications ensure individuals to drive efficiency and growth to their organization. The framework is vendor neutral and can be applied to any industry.


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Aqonta is a global professional certification organization focussed on best management practices and global competence framework. Aqonta’s certifications and competence framework provides knowledge, credentials and training in some of the leading management and technology frameworks such as DevOps, BigData, Quality management, Business process and more.

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