Why get certified?

Fastrack your Career

Competency credit points and badges identify individuals as skilled resources in their respective roles. Boost your opportunities by getting certified and advance your career.

Greater Confidence

Give your clients a greater confidence in your business. Organizations globally identify Aqonta’s competence framework as a best practice framework and have applied across to various projects.

Boost Productivity

Certified employees often work more efficiently than uncertified colleagues, and their presence can help improve the productivity of team projects.

Vendor Neutral

Aqonta’s competence framework certifications are vendor neutral and can be applicable to any organization and any technology. It represents the learning experiences of leading organizations.

Competency Program

Your certificate demonstrates your expertise and knowledge. Competency program will help you build your career and will identify your skills and growth to organizations.

Competency Credits

Build your career with competency credit points. Earn credit points for every certification you achieve. Become a member and start adding globally recognized certifications you hold and earn your badge.


Join the leading global competence network and showcase your skills. Unmatched benefits and master new skills throughout your career lifecycle.

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Join the community and access free learning resources, discounted exam vouchers and unlock your competency program.

Student Membership

If you are a student, you enjoy benefits of the discounted membership fee, access to learning resources, discounted exam vouchers and lot more to shape your career.

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Membership FAQs

Read answers to frequently asked questions about Aqonta Membership.

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Start your learning journey today by locating our Certified Training Partner close to your location. Choose to learn from accredited online or instructor-led programmes delivered by globally leading training organizations .

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