About Us

Our vision

Our vision is to bring a common, widely accepted and proven competence framework into every organization. Implementing good practices and following a common framework increases organizational success and add becomes a better place to work.

Our Mission

To continuously improve and provide the best framework for individuals and organizations to succeed. Content and methodologies adopted from worldwide successful projects worldwide are transformed into competence frameworks.

About Aqonta

Aqonta is an organization to manage and develop global competence framework courses. The competence framework draws tested methodology from several successful projects and implementing good practices across different industries.

Aqonta qualification ensures individuals to drive efficiency and growth to their organizations. The framework is vendor neutral and can be applied to any industry. Aqonta is trusted and implemented in several organizations globally.

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Give your career a high octane trigger by earning competence badges. The digital badges and pins demonstrate your skills and experience. Give your employers more visibility and reasons to trust and celebrate you!

Trusted and appreciated worldwide, Aqonta qualification will earn you success and the professional breakthrough you've been waiting.

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