Competency Program

Your certificate demonstrates your expertise and knowledge. Competency program will help you build your career and identify your skills and growth to organizations and your clients. Access your member area to add competency credits, download your digital badge and to order pins. You can add your digital badge to your Curriculum Vitae, Social Media, Email signatures etc., to showcase your skills. Competency program is structured such that it boosts confidence to employers and brings more visibility to your career achievements. Start bulding your competence today and showcase your achievements to the world.

Competency Credits

Competency Credits are points you earn from your professional certifications. You will earn Competecy credits for every certification you successfully pass from Aqonta. The points are quantified based on the proficieny or the level of your certification. You can also earn Competency credits from professional certificates issued by leading certification bodies globally.

Digital Badges and Pins

Digital Badges and Pins are allocated to you based on your competency level. You can download Digital Badge and order physical pins from your member area when you have earned the required competency credits. There are five professional levels which will differenciate your competence and experience.

Level Competency Credits Professional Experience
L1 Professional 20 Upto 2 Years and Students
L2 Professional 40 Minimum 2 Years
L3 Professional 60 Minimum 3 Years
L4 Professional 80 Minimum 4 Years
Expert Professional 100 Minimum 5 Years

Competency FAQs

Competency Program will help identify skills you have earned through professional development/ certifications backed up with your years of professional experience. Competency program will demonstrate your expertise to your employer or client and provide greater confidence to them to work with you.
Competency credits are points you earn for each professional qualification or certification you achieve. The credit points are quantified based on the level or proficiency of your certification exam.
No. Competency Credits and CRPs are not same. CRPs are to quantify your professional development to renew your certification. Competency Credits are credit points you earn for demonstrating your skills and is valid for lifetime.
You need to be a member to join the Competency Program. You can unlock and upgrade your competency in the member login area.
You earn competency credits for every certification you complete with Aqonta. For more details on how much credit points you can earn for each certification, please click here.
Yes. You can earn competency credits from certification from other institutions.
Digital Badge can be added to your email or social profiles to demonstrate you proficiency level. Your proficiency level start from Level 1 to Level 5 (Expert Level) and each level is differentiated by color code.
You can order your competency pin from the member log in area.