Working with us

Aqonta Certified Training Partners are individuals or organizations who are accredited by Aqonta to provide accredited training courses. Each of the training organizations are evaluated on various metrics and qualification process to ensure the students receive the best in quality training to advance their career.

27+ Certification Courses

Courses in subjects such as DevOps, Human Resources, Business process etc.

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Use licensed courseware (printed, e-book and online). Save money on courseware.

Multiple Language

Exams and course materials available in multiple languages.

Why partner with us?

  • Give your students the best practices to learn. Our framework for certification courses are based on global best practices which are tried and tested in muliple successful organizations.
  • A competency program which helps students to evaluate their learning and skill progess.
  • Deliver training with minimum upfront cost. Use licensed courseware and save money on creating coursewares.
  • Over 200 partners across the globe deliver Aqonta certification courses and exams in over 10 languages.
  • Trusted by organizations worldwide.
  • Framework and content developed by industry experts.

Exam and Accredition Partner

Aqonta's certified training partner accredition and student examination and certification process are handled by Tyootr. If you wish to become our accredited partner, please write to or simply fill the Certified Training Partner application.

Become Certified Training Partner

Apply to become our certified partner and enjoy unmatched benefits. Scale up your training business for more success and help teach millions of students by partnering with us.

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