Press releases

Press releases

Study revels that Aqonta Certified Professional earn 28% more than their peers

21st Feb 2020

Professional certifications are widely recognized and highly esteemed in industries such as IT, banking, manufacturing, oil, energy and more. The earning potential and demand for skilled professionals across industries and their earning potential is promising.

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Aqonta and Tyootr launch upgraded online exam portal

8th April, 2019

Training and certifying in Aqonta’s globally recognized certifications have always been rewarding. Aqonta exams were launched online from the beginning and candidates were able to take their certification exams from the comfort of the home or office.

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Aqonta is delighted to announce the launch of Service Desk Management certifications under the Global Competency Program

8th April, 2019

Aqonta today has launched three certifications as a part of the global competence framework series in the Service desk category. Certified Associate in Service Desk (CASD), Certified Specialist in Service Desk (CSSD), Certified Expert in Service Desk (CESD).

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Individuals and organizations can now apply for Aqonta accreditation from Tyootr TrainingPro and edOS

17th December, 2018

Tyootr Inc., the leading provider of educational solutions for individuals, training organizations and educational institutions today announced that tyootr subscribers can apply for Aqonta accreditation directly from the tyootr marketplace. Earlier this year, Tyootr and Aqonta initiated a strategic partnership to make Aqonta’s accreditations and purchases for their subscribers within tyootr’s unified platform.

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Aqonta launches global best practice for Privacy and Data Protection to help individuals and organizations improve their use of personal data

25th November, 2018

Data breach has always been a threat since long but in recent times it has evolved to be a major issue to personal privacy. Various incidents that have come light shows the political, economic and social effect of data breach. This has led to the need of data protection laws and regulations to avoid this exploit and stop the data leak.

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Verification of candidate credentials, competence badge and skill reports are now online

18th November, 2018

Aqonta’s Global competence program launched earlier in September has seen a huge traction among candidates and employers likewise. We have been constantly reached out by candidates and employers to make the badges and skill reports more accessible. While the certification credentials were available in the candidate register web page since launch, the new release will allow users to verify GCP program details such as badges and skill reports online.

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Aqonta launches global best practice framework qualifications for Financial Management

27 October, 2018

Aqonta has launched a global best practice for Financial Management program that will help individuals and organizations to develop higher financial understanding and skill in financial management.

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The much anticipated Aqonta DevOps Certification program is now live

13th October, 2018

A vendor - neutral certification, DevOps is the new kid on the block in IT which has mainly evolved from Agile methodology. It is defined as a set of practices and tools that combines software development and IT operations. It aims at streamlining, automating, integrating and optimizing the processes which helps the IT teams to build, test and validate, deploy and deliver faster.

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Aqonta launches global competency program with digital badges

14th September, 2018

The Global Competency Program has generated a lot of interest within Aqonta’s Certified Training Partner community since the initial stages. “We are often asked in our global partner events on how to help candidates validate their credentials and skills associated with the qualifications.

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Aqonta launches global best practice framwork qualification for Supply Chain Management

25th August, 2018

Aqonta is delighted to launch the Global Competence Framework certification series for Supply Chain Management.

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Aqonta and Tyootr launch student learning apps for certification preparation

8th August, 2018

The world, currently, witnesses a surge in online education for various certification purposes. The present scenario makes it more considerate of educational platforms to come up with new technologies and keep upgrading regularly and launch apps for easy access to everything that an individual is looking out for.

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Aqonta announces that the highly anticipated Business Process Management Certification is now available

17th May, 2018

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Business Process Management certification. Business process management (BPM) is dedicated to analyzing, designing, implementing, and continuously improving organizational processes.

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Aqonta is delighted to announce the launch of Business Relationship Management qualification

24 March, 2018

The new Business Relationship Management certification reflects years of learning, feedback from hundreds of qualified professionals, and a year and a half development process.

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Aqonta launches global best practice for Human Resource Management

3rd March, 2018

As part of the global competence framework certification series, Aqonta has released global best practice for Human Resource Management. With this release Aqonta has officially launched a series of certifications for human resource professionals.

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Aqonta launches global best practice for Big Data

18th Jan, 2018

Aqonta has extended its portfolio of global competence framework by adding Big Data certifications. With the launch of Big Data certification, Aqonta’s Certified Training Partner can now deliver courses related to technology and software development.

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Six sigma certifications series is the new entrant in Aqonta’s global competence management framework certification

3rd December, 2017

Aqonta has released a big news of it launching a new set of best practices framework certifications dedicated to quality management. With this Aqonta emerges a global leader slowly paving its way to the top in terms of number of certifications as well the quality of frameworks developed.

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Aqonta partners with Tyootr Inc for accreditation and examination services

8th July, 2017

Aqonta, the trusted global competence framework certification institution has recently announced that Tyootr Inc will be its exclusive accreditation and examination partner. All training companies will henceforth be accredited by Tyootr to start delivering Aqonta certifications.

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