Certification QA's

General certification QA’s

How do I earn a Aqonta certification?

To obtain a Aqonta certification, you must first meet the eligibility requirements (if any) as outlined on the certification web pages. Then you must pass the certification exam.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Most of the associate or entry level certifications do not have any eligibility requirements. Candidates who are willing to learn and upskill on such certification courses can apply directly. Professional or expert level certifications may have certain eligibility requirements, kindly refer to the requirements outlined in respective certification web pages.

How do I apply for the certification exams?

All our certifications are delivered through the Certified Training Partner (CTP) network. Locate a provider to apply for the certification.

Is training mandatory to apply for certification exam?

No, training is not mandatory. However, we recommend that you complete your training with a Certified Training Partner (CTP) to successfully pass your certification exam and additional benefits such as free membership and CRPs.

Is it necessary to become a member to get certified?

No. You don’t have to be a member to apply for certification. However, to maintain your certification you must sign up as a member. All first time candidates receive a complimentary one year aqonta membership.

Certification exam QA’s

Is there a register for successful candidates?

Yes, there is a successful candidate register and your details will be updated within 15 days of the issue of your certificate.

How do I verify my certificate?

To verify your certificate you need to put your certification number under candidate registry details.

Will I get a hardcopy of the certificate once I successfully pass the exam?

No. Aqonta does not provide any hard copy of the certificate. All certificates and badges are available only in digital format.

How do I change my details on the certificate?

Changes in certificates are valid only if your name is misprinted. For any changes in the certificate please write to service@aqonta.com within 30 days of issue of the certificate.

I lost my certificate. How do I order another copy of the certificate?

Your digital certificate will be available in your member login. You can download and print certificates from your account.

How do I schedule an exam?

Contact our Certified Training Partners to order your exam voucher. You will receive the voucher code along with the online link to schedule the exam. You can schedule your exam from the available slots.

Can I extend the validity of my exam voucher?

No, exam voucher validity cannot be extended. We recommend that you schedule and take your exam within the validity period.

Membership QA’s

Do I have to be a member to apply for an Aqonta certification?

You can apply for an Aqonta certification as a non-member. However, you will be able to unlock the competency program, renew your certificates and earn badges only as a member. There are several other benefits you enjoy as a member such as discounted exam price, digital badges etc.,

How long does it take for my membership to be active?

Your membership account is immediately activated upon your enrolment.

How long is my membership cycle?

Your membership will be an annual cycle.

What happens if I do not renew my membership on time?

If you fail to renew your membership, you will not be able to renew your certifications and access other benefits. You have a grace period of 3 months after your certification is due for renewal.

Failure to renew your certification and membership within the grace period will result in expiration of your certification credentials.

When do I need to renew my membership?

You need to renew your membership annually before the due date.

How do I access my membership benefits?

You can access your membership benefits by accessing students' log in area.

What’s the difference between Student membership and Professional membership?

Students and professionals enjoy similar benefits as a member. Students can become a member at a discounted price until they have a valid student ID or letter stating their current enrolment as a student from the institution.

Maintaining certification and CRP QA’s

What are Certification Renewal Points or CRPs?

Certification Renewal Point or CRPs are continual learning points you earn to maintain your professional development. These points are essential to maintain your certification.

How are CRPs quantified?

CRPs are quantified based on the number of hours you involve in continuing your professional development through training courses, events and webinars.

How do I earn CRPs?

You can earn free CRPs as a member and participate in events organized by Certified Training Partners in association with Aqonta. In addition to that you can enrol in certification/ training courses offering CRPs. You may find courses offering CRPs from our Certified Training Partners.

How do I report my CRPs?

You can access your member area to report the CRPs you earn.

What if I do not report any CRPs within my certification renewal cycle?

CRPs are essential to maintain your certification. If you fail to report CRPs, your certification will expire. If you earn more CRPs in a renewal cycle, you are allowed to carry forward to the next cycle.

Is there any grace period to report CRPs and renew my certification?

Yes. You will have a 3 months grace period to report your CRPs and renew your certification.

Are Competency Credits and CRPs the same?

No. Competency Credits and CRPs are not the same. CRPs are to quantify your professional development to renew your certification. Competency Credits are credit points you earn for demonstrating your skills and are valid for lifetime.

How do I maintain my certificate?

You need to submit a certain number of CRPs every 3 years to maintain your certifications. Although not all certificates need to be maintained in this manner. Few certifications like the associate level ones are lifelong valid. Kindly refer to the requirements outlined in respective certification web pages.

Can I use the same set of CRPs to renew multiple certifications?

No. You can use the CRPs earned only once.

Can I earn all the required CRPs by attending webinar sessions or events? Or is there a cap for the CRPs earned through a specific method?

We recommend that your CRPs are diversified. While webinars and events are great sources to earn free CRPs, we recommend that you also earn CRPs through continuous learning.

Competency credits and badge QA’s

What is the Global Competency Program?

Global Competency Program will help identify skills you have earned through professional development/ certifications backed up with your years of professional experience. Competency program will demonstrate your expertise to your employer or client and provide greater confidence to them to work with you.

What are Competency Credits?

Competency credits are points you earn for each professional qualification or certification you achieve. The credit points are quantified based on the level or proficiency of your certification exam.

Are Competency Credits and CRPs the same?

No. Competency Credits and CRPs are not the same. CRPs are to quantify your professional development to renew your certification. Competency Credits are credit points you earn for demonstrating your skills and are valid for lifetime.

How do I join the Competency Program?

You need to be a member to join the Competency Program. You can unlock and upgrade your competency in the member login area.

How do I earn Competency Credits?

You earn competency credits for every certification you complete with Aqonta. For more details on how much credit points you can earn for each certification, please click here.

Can I earn competency credits from certifications from other institutions?

Yes. You can earn competency credits from certification from other institutions.

What is Digital Badge?

Digital Badge can be added to your email or social profiles to demonstrate your proficiency level. Your proficiency level starts from Level 1 to Level 5 (Master Level) and each level is differentiated by color code.

How do I order my competency pin?

You can order your competency pin from the member log in area.

What certifications are eligible to earn competency credits? What are the benefits of the Global Competency Program?

Global Competency program will help you build your career and identify your skills and growth to organizations and your clients. Access your member area to add competency credits, download your digital badge and to order pins. You can add your digital badge to your Curriculum Vitae, Social Media, Email signatures etc., to showcase your skills. The competency program is structured such that it boosts confidence to employers and brings more visibility to your career achievements.

Certificate suspension QA’s

How do I check the status of the certification?

You can find your certifications and their status by logging in your member area.

What if my certification is expired?

If your certification is expired, you can renew your certification by submitting the required CRPs within three months of expiration. If you fail to renew, then you will have to resit the certification exam.