Claiming your CRPs

You can now claim your CRPs online in just a few clicks to maintain your certification. Candidates who are certified in entry level certifications, the validity is for lifetime and hence you need not require CRP to maintain your certification.

Advanced or expert level Aqonta certification requires renewal and candidates can renew their certificate online by accessing the member login.

Reporting CRPs and certification renewal

  • Login to your member account to check active certifications and their renewal dates.
  • Upload your CRP certificate and voucher code to claim CRP points. CRP certificates are issued when you successfully complete a course which is a part of Aqonta Certification Renewal Program or any other authorised Certification Renewal Program activities. Learn more about earning CRP’s.
  • Keep accruing CRP points.
  • If you have earned the required points, your certification validity is renewed automatically when due.

Certification Renewal Points (CRP) FAQs

What are Certification Renewal Points or CRPs?

Certification Renewal Point or CRPs are continual learning points you earn to maintain your professional development. These points are essential to maintain your certification.

How are CRPs quantified?

CRPs are quantified based on the number of hours you involve in continuing your professional development through training courses, events and webinars.

How do I earn CRPs?

You can earn free CRPs as a member and participate in events organized by Certified Training Partners in association with Aqonta. In addition to that you can enrol in certification/ training courses offering CRPs. You may find courses offering CRPs from our Certified Training Partners.

How do I report my CRPs?

You can access your member area to report the CRPs you earn.

What if I do not report any CRPs within my certification renewal cycle?

CRPs are essential to maintain your certification. If you fail to report CRPs, your certification will expire. If you earn more CRPs in a renewal cycle, you are allowed to carry forward to the next cycle.

Is there any grace period to report CRPs and renew my certification?

Yes. You will have a 3 months grace period to report your CRPs and renew your certification.

Are Competency Credits and CRPs the same?

No. Competency Credits and CRPs are not the same. CRPs are to quantify your professional development to renew your certification. Competency Credits are credit points you earn for demonstrating your skills and are valid for lifetime.