Ethical practices

Aqonta is committed to maintaining the highest standard to safeguard the integrity and credibility of all our certification programs. In order to maintain the highest level of security and administration of examinations, Aqonta works with Tyootr Inc., the sole examination institute and accreditation partner. Aqonta works closely with independent auditors and exam security experts to maintain the integrity of all our products.

With robust quality management system and secured exam environment, we ensure:

  • All candidates adhere to ethical practices and only qualified individuals pass our certification exams.
  • Our online and paper based exam content is secured and frequently updated to ensure they are not stolen.
  • Review of recorded footage for online exams and spot checks at locations for paper based exams ensure candidates and exam invigilators adhere to code of conduct.

Code of conduct

It’s every candidate’s responsibility to understand and adhere to Aqonta’s exam policies and procedures. As part of the certification exam, candidate’s are requested to agree to Aqonta's exam code of conduct agreement prior to the exam. Candidate’s who are found to violate the agreement, code of conduct or exam policies will be disqualified or their certificates will be revoked.