Maintain your certification

What is maintaining your certification?

As a certified professional, you must remain relevant with industry standards and change through ongoing career learning. Maintaining your certification through Aqonta demonstrates your commitment to continuing competence― not only at the time of initial certification, but throughout the advancement of your career.

Maintaining your certification is one of the many reasons that Aqonta certifications are the most recognized and trusted by professionals and the organizations they serve. Certification renewal points (CRPs) are easier than ever for you to access and earn.

Continuous learning to maintain your certification

After passing an Aqonta certification exam, you are required to renew your certification every three years. You can achieve this by completing professional development activities and demonstrating professional achievement to receive CRPs.

What are Certification renewal points (CRP’s)?

Your certificate demonstrates your expertise and knowledge. Your continuous learning activities help you stay relevant and updated with industry standards and developments. Certification Renewal Points (CRPs) will ensure that you have participated in continuous learning and staying up to date with industry standards. Your CRPs are essential to keep your certification credentials active.

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Earning CRP’s

You can earn CRP’s by enrolling in certification courses where CRPs are offered as a part of the training course. These courses are part of Aqonta’s certification renewal program and are offered by Certified Training Partners (CTP’s).

Other ways to earn CRP’s

Renewing your certification

Renewing your certificate is just a few clicks away. If you have already started earning CRP’s, you can login to your membership account to check certifications you currently hold and their renewal dates. Upload your CRP certificate and voucher code to claim CRP points. If you have earned the required points, your certification validity is renewed automatically.

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