Competency credits

Competency credits are points you earn from your professional certifications. You will earn competency credits for every certification you successfully pass from Aqonta. The points are quantified based on the proficiency level of the certification. You can also earn competency credits from professional certificates issued by other certification bodies and educational institutions.

Earning competency credits

You can submit proof of your education, experience and professional qualifications in the member login. We will verify your documents with relevant organizations, their validity and then issue competency credit points. The competency points are anywhere between 1 to a maximum of 15 based on your achievements.

Competency credits FAQ’s

Where can I upload my documents?

You can upload your documents and track the points in your member login

I have uploaded my documents but no points are issued?

We often see candidates upload documents with insufficient information for us to verify the credibility or manier times the organization does not respond to our requests to verify the documents. Ensure you provide relevant documents and adequate information so that we can verify at the earliest possible.

In case of Aqonta certifications, your credit points will be automatically issued depending on the validity.

Is there an expiry date for the competency credits?

Competency credits are applicable only for active credentials. If your certifications expire the points associated will automatically be removed. You will have to upload valid documents to reclaim the points.

Can I upload qualifications from other certification providers?

Yes. You can submit proof of qualifications or certificates from other accreditation bodies to earn competency credits. Proof of only training will not be accepted.

I have attended an internal training course in my company but do not have a certification exam associated. Is this still eligible for competency credits?

No. Internal training and certificates are not eligible for competency credits.

What documentation will you accept for experience?

A letter from the HR department, relieving letter or an appointment letter will help us verify your experience. Kindly provide the contact information of the relevant person with whom we can verify your documentation. We do not require information on salary, SSN or any other documents relevant to your tax or personal information.

I am worried about the data submitted to Aqonta?

At Aqonta, data protection is our top priority. The information we collect is solely for internal purposes and are used to verify your achievements to issue the digital badge. You can choose to list your badge in public for potential employers to reach out to you.