How to earn CRPs

How to earn CRPs

As a member you can quickly and easily earn certification renewal points (CRPs) at no additional cost.

Attend a webinar

Your Aqonta membership gives you access to over 500 webinars every year. These webinars are led by industry experts and attending each one of them will earn you free CRPs.

Become a guest blogger

Write an article or start a blog on a topic of your choice within content guidelines to earn free CRPs.

Submit a video or podcast

Contribute to the learning community through videos or podcasts on the topic of your choice. These videos or podcasts will be broadcasted in various channels. If you own YouTube, Facebook or Instagram channels, we’ll drive traffic to your page.

Take a free course

Continue your learning by enrolling in some of the free courses offered by our Certified Training Partners. These are some of the great resources which can help you upskill in new topics and also earn you free CRPs.

Enrol in CRP approved courses

Certified Training Partners offer a variety of courses which are approved to offer CRPs. Enrol in a course which offers CRPs.