Certified Training Partner

Why become a Certified Training Partner?

Accreditation provides a codified approach for training organizations interested in delivering training for Aqonta certification and certificate programs. It offers a way to differentiate your organization in the marketplace from other training options. Aqonta has partnered with Tyootr Inc to create a Certified Training Partner Program to elevate training experiences and outcomes.

Certifications recognized globally and growing fast

Aqonta certifications are globally accepted and recognized. Certification proves to employers that a candidate has what it takes to add value to their enterprise. Many organizations and governmental agencies around the world require or recognize Aqonta’s certifications. Independent studies consistently rate Aqonta certified professionals are among the highest paying jobs professionals can earn.

Earning and maintaining an Aqonta certification:

  • Boosts earning potential
  • Counts in the hiring process
  • Enhances professional credibility and recognition

In fact, globally across all certification levels, the average salary for Aqonta certified professionals is 28% greater than for peers certified elsewhere.

Partnering with Aqonta

  • Aqonta Certified Training Partner Badge
  • Aqonta digital certificate
  • Access to Aqonta partner resource center
  • Placement on Aqonta partner page
  • Cross branding and promotional placements in all Aqonta communications

Ease of doing business

We have simplified the most complex methods of accreditation and training delivery. As Certified Training Partner you’ll have immediate access to teaching resources and support to start delivery training courses of highest quality.

  • Training materials which are readily available
  • Trainer resources
  • Marketing support
  • Better margins, higher ROIs.